You’ve got your Magento eCommerce operation fully up and running. The sales are coming in, but not at the lightning quick rate which you had hoped for. The leading eCommerce brands never stop tweaking their formula, often testing to see if they can increase their sales by just a few percentage points. How about some ‘Magento Hacks’ which are capable of enhancing your platform even further?

Eye Catching Marketing

Effective marketing is all about making waves, and if you want to see visitors come streaming onto your site, one way of attracting them is with an unconventional method or two. This could be anything from a crazy sale or special offer which grabs their attention. Think of offering one customer a ‘lifetime supply of X’ as part of a promotion or giveaway. Alternatively, offer products for one cent as part of a promotion which ties in other sales. Even if customers don’t take you up on the deal, it is a way of attracting them to your site and hopefully keeping them there. Amasty offers a wide variety of Magento extensions that make these types of crazy promotions possible, and they are often a cinch to set up.

Intelligent Retargeting

All too many retargeting campaigns can be half-hearted in nature. Typically they present a dull ad to a customer who has not completed a purchase, hoping that they will revisit the store and go through with it this time. Even if you are offering them a special deal, it might not be getting to the core why they didn’t buy in the first place. Try mixing up your retargeting campaign content to be different from your standard marketing drives. Putting some customer testimonials in there or getting personal with a video which talks directly to the customer can speak less about your product but more about its value for your potential customer. This would also be a great time to take advantage of Magento abandoned cart features and extensions, which will send users email reminders of items they may have left in their cart.

For whatever reason, the content on your website wasn’t sufficient to convince a customer to buy, so ensure your retargeting approaches them differently.

Keep Checkout Easy

You might have a flashy eCommerce site built on an on an advanced Magento framework, but if you are not sealing the deal, something could be wrong. Try cutting down on the number of distractions towards the end of the customer journey. Once a visitor has items in their cart and is nearly ready to buy, it is time to make the user experience as simple as possible. That means fewer choices, visual features and navigational options than earlier on in the customer journey. You can also install Hotjar to try and deduce why users are not completing their purchase.

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