What Do Customers Really Want?

An expert in entrepreneurship once said that you should never start a business doing something you’re really good at. In other words, the more passion you have for a single skill, the larger the danger that it will become your sole focus. In reality, the true focus of your business should be on other priorities. As an example, a hairstylist who loves to spend all of their time styling customers’ hair is not managing and developing the business itself.

This is an example of an inward focus when the true benefit is on an outward outlook. You may be reading this while having a superbly crafted Magento web design, but unless it is squarely focused on what the customer finds important, then it’s probably not as effective as it could be.

Surprise! What the customer finds most important might be varied, and not always what you’re expecting. For instance, an international airline once surveyed customers to find out what’s most important to them. Expecting to see safety to top the list, the airline was surprised when customers were noting concerns such as ‘clean fold-down coffee tables’. Further investigation by the airline discovered the reason. Essentially, customers would never know if the engines are sound, but if the coffee tables are dirty the airline may not be paying enough attention to the quality service they are providing their customers.

Therefore, it’s important to discover those elements of your business and Magento eCommerce experience that are most important to customers and the key to your success. Users searching your store might want a landing page for their specific needs, rather than be forced to navigate that destination on their own. Service or product guarantees might be more important than discounts, while free shipping a could be a game changer. Visitors might not want to be talked down to or have their hands held, while at the same time, overly technical content can switch off the non-experts of your potential customers.

Time might be a key factor in a customer’s decision, as well as the support you provide through your website. The speed with which customer services issues are responded to could make all the difference. These possibilities are just the tip of the iceberg and could open doors to improvements for your products and services.

It’s important to work with a team that can help you identify as many of these key elements as possible. Whether it be through customer surveys or analyzing UX intelligence software. The more you can streamline your process and delight customers, the more your business will flourish. Newbird can work with you to make your web presence as effective and responsive as it can be, contact us today!

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