Just came a crossed a pretty awesome plugin for those of you who use WordPress and don’t want to manually add your Google Fonts to the CSS. The name of the plugin is WP Google Fonts and I just used it on and it worked without a hitch.

To Install
While Logged into the back end of WordPress click the plugins link on the left hand side and do a search for WP Google Fonts it should be your first option to download. Click the “Install Now” link below the Title, once you’ve installed it, it will display a screen asking if you would like to activate plugin or return to plugin installer, Click “Activate Plugin”. Once done, you will see the new plugin “Google Fonts” appear on the left hand “Settings” panel.

My take on the Plugin

Well, right off the bat I was pretty impressed by the simple layout and how it let you easily select which elements you want to target with a specific Google Font, using a checkbox. Immediately after, clicking the “Select Font” drop down menu, it had me wishing it displayed the actual Google Font for each font name. Although at the very bottom they do provide a chart of available fonts that you can choose from and that seemed to suffice for me. Although I don’t know how frequently the fonts are updated.

How to Use

Select your font from the “Select Font” Dropdown menu (you can reference the chart at the bottom to see what the available fonts look like).

Select the check box next to the elements you would like to target your font at.
(All, H1, H2, h3, h4, h5, h6, Block quotes, Paragraphs and Lists)

The Last Option is the “Custom Css” box this nice little option will let you target any other element that might not have been available for you to select using a checkbox. To do this, use the proper syntax:
#bodywrapper a { font-family: ‘Coda’, Arial, serif; }

Over all, pretty easy plugin to use and will be great for someone who might not be too familiar with editing the css or php manually. Thumbs up!

Also you can download it from directly and manually upload it.

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