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What Is A/B Testing?

A/B testing, a.k.a split testing, refers to a marketing experiment process in which two (or more) versions of a variable (like a web page or an element found on a website) are shown to different segments of visitors at the same time to determine which version creates the biggest impact and positively effects metrics. You can test headlines, subject lines, design, layouts, CTAs—anything goes.

A/B testing is a powerful tool for increasing conversion rate, but we think not enough brands are utilizing it. Hey, we get it. It’s easy for businesses to overlook the importance of A/B testing on their websites: like heck, it’s time-consuming enough just to make one website design let alone two. But this is truly a simple process that has helped many brands and clients grow their bottom line and increase conversions rates—all through testing.

Benefits Of A/B Testing & Why It Matters.

A/B testing allows you to make more informed decisions about the design and content on your site. By using an A/B test, brands can quickly see which version of any element on their pages performs better at increasing conversions—indicating what works best for customers and keeping them engaged in the buying process.

Resolve User Pain Points

Visitors come to your site for a reason, right? It may be to fill out a form, learn more about your product or service, buy something, or just browse. Whatever their goal(s), they might be facing an obstacle to achieving it. Could it be some unclear copy or a hard-to-find CTA button? Either way, not being able to complete their desired action eventually creates a bad user experience and negatively impacts your conversion rate. Creating A/B testing allows companies to gather and analyze visitor behavior to resolve these pain points, no matter the industry.

Increase Conversion Rate

We know the cost and energy of getting quality traffic to your site is a huge undertaking. A/B testing allows you to make the most of your hard-earned traffic, giving you more ROI.

Make Low-Risk Updates

Making small updates to your website through A/B testing is a great way to steadily improve your conversion rate without having to redesign an entire web page or site. A/B testing makes the most out of your current resources by making minimal changes for increased ROI.

Improve Metrics, Data & ROI

A/B testing is 100% data-dreven. It takes the guesswork or preferences out of your designs to determine what is working for your customers solely based on statistics like time on page, form-fill requests, abandoned cart rate, click-throughs, and purchases. At the end of the day, A/B testing improves your ROI and arms you with better insights for the future.

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