Dispelling Three Common Magento Myths

Utilizing Magento for your eCommerce store has several benefits, as discussed on our blog in a previous post. However, there are some myths that may leave you hesitant to implement Magento. Thankfully, these can all be easily debunked.

Myth #1 – Magento is Slow

It’s commonly assumed that Magento is slow, as it’s a fairly resource-heavy platform. This is a misconception, as by configuring caching and concatenating files sufficiently, as well as having the right hosting environment, Magento runs extremely efficiently.

This is evidenced by some of the world’s biggest brand behemoths using Magento to power their stores, such as Coca-Cola and Nike. Magento also helped iron out any performance loopholes in their latest update, Magento 2, so if you’re concerned about any issues with speed, if they do occur, it’s unlikely that the problem will be with Magento.

Myth #2: Small Stores Can’t Use Magento

If you’re put off using Magento for your SME through the illusion that it can only be used well via the Enterprise Edition, this isn’t true. In fact, the features of Magento accommodate every size business, from microbusinesses to the examples given above.

Moreover, any functionality provided exclusively by the Enterprise Edition can be replicated using Magento extensions, which are designed for compatibility with the Magento Community Edition. Magento also offers guidance specifically for small businesses, alleviating any concerns you may have.

Myth #3: Magento Lacks Support for customers

Don’t be concerned about minimal customer support. This simply isn’t the case. The level of support you get is largely dependent on which Magento plan you need, so for example, the Enterprise Edition offers support 24/7 (though this isn’t free). However, even if you implement the free Magento Community Edition, they have an enormous and highly responsive eCommerce community offering help, updates and bug fixes, should any occur.

However, the best way to get support with Magento is by getting guidance from a digital agency that has the expertise and commitment to helping you get the best out of your eCommerce store. Newbird specializes in Magento eCommerce design, from development and integration to performance. Contact us today to start the discussion.

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