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What is React Development?

React development means writing mobile applications in React Native—an open-source JavaScript framework that natively renders mobile apps for both iOS and Android. That’s right, a mobile app that works seamlessly on any platform! Based on React, Facebook’s JavaScript library for building user interfaces, instead of targeting web browsers it focuses on mobile platforms. Essentially it’s a developer’s dream, with all the comforts of native javascript that can be shared for both iOS and Android.

So, you’ve decided to build an app for both Apple and Android. We like what you’re thinking. The next step is choosing a framework. As a full-service creative agency we know there are a few options to choose from, but for us, React Native is the clear winner. Why? It makes mobile app development fast and easy while being natively supported on iOS and Android.

Our React Development Expertise

At Newbird, we’ve been in the app game since the beginning and we know our way around the market. No matter what the platform we specialize in fresh designs that convert. We know how developers think because we are developers ourselves and we build your app without sacrificing functionality or beauty while making sure it works across both platforms seamlessly.

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Newbird’s React Development Approach

With Newbird as your partner in innovation, there’s no limit to what we can achieve together. We understand design and technology to create gorgeous and easy-to-use applications with React Native—mobile applications built with the latest, cutting edge technology available providing a rich feature set, strong flexibility, and fast release cycles. Our designers and developers work together with you to make an app that is full-proof and ready to hit the marketplace for both Android and iOS.

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach to any project. We know that every business idea has unique offerings and customers, which is why we develop an individualized plan and design for every client. Throughout the experience, our collective of passionate design & developers will take the time to listen to your needs and challenges, and also talk about the timeline and budget. We’ll define the target audience, competition, and specific goals of your app.

To create a seamless and simple user interface we work with you and your team to identify key functionality to develop a custom wireframe keeping in mind what drives conversions and in-app purchases. If you don’t have your branding, we’ll craft it for you. From there we’ll design each app page with fresh, cohesive graphics before we begin to code.

We’ll build out your app’s front end to match the designs we’ve planned along with developing an intuitive backend. Alongside that, we’ll follow the requirements for any API integrations, and create an optimized code structure. We know which factors to pay attention to—like SEO to push your app into the hands of prospective customers.

Before we launch the app, we thoroughly test it for functionality and design across platforms. Assuring quality is key before it hits the market.

It’s time to release your app into the world. We’re there to make sure everything runs smoothly as we release it to stores—processes we know like the back of our hands and all of the small details to pay attention to. We can also provide ongoing support for your app going forward.

React Native vs. React JS

While React Native targets mobile applications, React JS is a web framework that provides the ability to reuse components for apps, like code structure. Essentially a benefit of building a web platform in React JS is that a developer doesn’t need to rewrite two different codes for an app that has a similar component. A serious time and money saver to consider if you are looking to build an app for your business.

Our process runs deep



Let’s dig in deeper. First, we learn about you—then we get to work. Sound good? We think so, here’s why.


Project Plan

From there we plan the work, then work the plan. Meanwhile, we give you a bird’s eye view of everything we’re working on together.


Project Kickoff

A solid strategy is at the heart of everything we do. We’ll never kick off a project without it.



We leave nothing to chance when it comes to your online presence. That’s why we start with wireframes. 


Web & App Design

Create a platform that’s not only functional, it’s beautiful.



Our expert team of web developers guides clients to the right platform for their business.


Launch & Hosting

The moment you go live, we test each element manually, and quickly, to ensure it’s running as intended. 


Ongoing Design, Development, Marketing

We know running a business takes constant effort, and we’re ready to help. 

We are the
company we keep