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What Is Review Generation?

Review generation is the process of getting more online reviews of your product(s) to your site(s). For eCommerce brands, it’s a powerful tool that can maximize the value of even just one positive customer experience. The even better news? We’re masters of platforms like and know how to grow and manage reviews & loyalty referral programs for you.

Review Generation & Management Services:

If you’re an eCommerce brand, we don’t have to tell you that good reviews are crucial for success—you already know that (for better or worse). Customers trust the opinions of other customers more than they do brands, so do search engines. That’s why it’s imperative to have a steady flow of positive reviews coming to your site.

When you collect and showcase online customer reviews, you obtain and share invaluable insight from past buyers, often a driving factor to incentivizing more potential buyers to make a purchase. Essentially, review generation is social proof—creating an opportunity to capture great customer experiences with your products and brand and putting it on display to attract even more conversions.

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Benefit From Every Type of Customer Generated Content

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  • Loyalty & Referrals

Why You Should Generate Reviews?

Getting reviews positively impacts your brand in more ways than one, both on and off your site, and is an undeniably powerful tool for building brand trust and future sales.

Increased Conversion Rates

Product reviews convey trust with potential buyers, helping to motivate them to continue to purchase. Essentially it validates your products are high-quality through the words of other shoppers. Rewarding customers for reviews can create repeat customers as well. All in all, reviews mean more conversions.

Boosted Search & Social Traffic

Reviews help to attract quality traffic that converts when used off-site. Google rewards eCommerce brands that have them—thus increasing a brand’s organic traffic. Reviews are SEO MVPs for eCommerce brands—the more you have, the better Google will rank your products and site.

Improved Ad ROI

Digital shoppers tend to ignore the promotional messages that hit their social feeds or search pages. Why? Because they don’t want to be spammed with what brands have to say. In general, eCommerce brands that utilize reviews promoting customer content in ads see higher conversions and click-through rates.

Obtain Valued Insights

More than social proof, reviews can also help brands understand what customers think of your product or service—allowing you to make improvements that matter to them the most. Valuable customer insights help to improve the overall user experience and keep them coming back.