5 Key Benefits of ERP & Magento Integration

Sometimes business owners will opt for using an eCommerce platform such as Magento completely separately to their ERP system, meaning that they end up missing out on the numerous benefits that come with integration. To ensure that you’re fully informed about the robust Magento options, we’ve highlighted some of the key benefits that come from this type of integration:

Reduction of Inventory Cost

With ERP integration, you’re giving yourself updated sales information. Any sales made on your Magento site will instantaneously appear in the ERP systems. That means the system users are able to effectively plan the purchase, which in turn will reduce the cost when it comes to inventory. Don’t forget that any web transactions will also instantly update the ERP item inventory, making it easier than ever to keep track of your stock.

Happier Customers

Having satisfied customers will almost guarantee repeat business and ERP integration can help you keep your customers happy. By taking advantage of the integration, you’ll have access to product information that’s up to date, exact availability of your inventory, order tracking and more, all of which will allow you to improve customer service.

Less Error

Integration means that customer details along with order, payment and shipping information will all be fully integrated into the system. Additionally, inventory details can be uploaded directly from ERP to your eCommerce portal which completely eliminates the need to re-enter the data. Ultimately, the integration will cut down on employees getting bogged down in time-consuming work such as the re-entry of data which in turn could reduce errors along with data redundancy.

Allows You to Generate Financial Reports

With Magento, business users may already be able to generate financial reports that are based on sales. With Magento ERP integration, however, merchants are able to produce a wide range of financial reports including the trial balance, cash flow, balance sheets and more, all of which gives additional financial transparency to your oorganization

Gives Your Site the ‘Self-Service’ Factor

Having real-time data is a powerful tool and with ERP integration, you can add your data to your store front. That means customers can track their own shipment, see how much stock you have of certain products, check their order status and more, all of which vastly improves the overall customer experience and ensures staff customer service staff aren’t constantly responding to enquiries about the status of an order.

In short, whether it’s giving your business up to date information on your inventory, cutting out potentially costly errors, saving valuable time or improving the experience of your customers, ERP integration is something you should seriously be considering if you want to grow your business.

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